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The Offer is Just the Beginning

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It is important to understand the home market conditions before you make an offer to buy. This ensures you are competitive. Your real estate agent will help.

As your REALTOR®, we commit to keeping you up to date on the market conditions. Our brokerage puts together a summary of the Laramie County market stats each month. This gives us a snapshot of what the overall market is doing. Plus, we can analyze what’s happening in the price range you are searching for; this will help us to determine how quickly we need to act when a house becomes available that matches your criteria.

Once you find the home you love, then it will be time to make an offer. Once you settle on the offer price and details, we will submit the offer to the listing agent. We will negotiate with you through the steps of each phase. Once you are under contract, we can expect to close on the home within 30-60 days. After you submit an offer, this doesn’t mean you will own the house; it is just the beginning.

We may receive a counter offer. Don’t be intimidated. We’ll discuss whether to accept or propose our counteroffer. Market conditions determine how aggressively we negotiate. When there is a short supply of homes in a specific price range, it may be more challenging to land on a fair price of a home. However, the same goes for a home that is priced below the market, and the demand is high. A seller may receive a volume of offers for consideration, and you may have to be the most favorable to be selected. Be prepared to be flexible no matter the market conditions. Sometimes counter offers can request several changes, and sometimes they are simple requests, like a closing date. We’ll be with you every step of the way, so you can have confidence in knowing your options.

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