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The Boomerang Affect

We love the boomerang effect, especially when it means we are getting closer to a more normal lifestyle following the pandemic.

Businesses across the country are starting to open back up. While many are adopting a remote/hybrid structure for employees, they are beginning to do more in-person activities. During the last few years, those who relocated out of the cities want to relocate back because as businesses open up, so do the amenities. At the end of December, there was a high volume of sales across the country, particularly in cities, according to the Altimetry Daily Authority.

While relocating back has its limitations due to the overall housing supply, increasing demand remains. Therefore, if you want to sell a home or property in a city, this may be a great time. You will get a top-notch sales price in this competitive market. Additionally, those listing their homes will likely consider multiple cash offers resulting in a quick transaction.

The biggest lesson in all of this is the importance of knowing your preferred lifestyle. Though the last few years have required us to shift, it has helped us identify what we love most. Are you the person who likes to walk around and be close to amenities, whether near entertainment hubs or shopping? Or are you the type of person who loves your space and is okay with not seeing a neighbor for miles? These are essential characteristics within your lifestyle worth noting. Knowing the answers to this can help you determine suitable real estate investments for you.

If you are looking to shift back to a community after a move during the pandemic and activate your “boomerang,” or if you are just ready to make the move you have been talking about and want to take advantage of this seller’s market, give us a call!

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