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The Best Resources to Help You Prep Your Home Before Selling

Tips for Selling RE/MAX Capitol Properties blog

Enjoy these tips for prepping your home for sale by guest blogger, Clara Beaufort, of!

You wouldn’t buy a house without doing your homework and taking the time to make sure it’s just right. When it comes to selling, it’s important to give the process the same diligence to get a quick sale at the price you want. RE/MAX Capitol Properties wants you to get the best price for your home, so we prepared this guide to help you prep your home for sale and learn how to do so confidently during the pandemic.

Prepping the Exterior

Your home’s exterior is what makes the first impression, and it’s important to do everything you can to make it shine.

Prepping the Interior

The next order of business is making sure your home’s interior is clean, clear of clutter and staged.

  • Decluttering your home to sell may feel overwhelming, but it can be easy and fun!
  • Don’t forget to organize your closets, because buyers will look in them.
  • Wondering what to do with the stuff you don’t want? Find out where to sell it online.
  • After decluttering, depersonalize the rooms so that buyers aren’t distracted.
  • Arranging furniture correctly can really put a room together and draw buyers in.

Prepping During COVID-19

You can certainly still sell a home during the pandemic, but there are additional steps as well as changes in the process you’ll want to understand.

Turn to Tech for Extra Help

Again, we know that preparing your home for sale can be a serious undertaking. If you’re not especially handy or have never sold a home before, these apps can help.

  • To get the lay of the land and to gauge housing prices, download the RE/MAX app.
  • If you want to DIY your lawn care, download the Scotts My Lawn app
  • The Roomy app can help you figure out ways to decorate and stage your home.
  • Try OfferUp so you can host a virtual garage sale and get rid of unwanted items.
  • If you need a new device, look for deals so you can affordably upgrade.

Sellers are often reluctant to spend the time and money to prep their home, especially when they would rather concentrate on a new home instead. That feeling is totally understandable, but keep the big picture in mind when getting ready to sell. Using these resources can help you sell fast and at the right price, giving you more time and money to put into your new place.

When you’re ready to list your Cheyenne home, turn to the experts at RE/MAX Capitol Properties to help you get the best price. Reach out today to connect with one of our real estate professionals, 307-635-0303.

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