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The Advantages of Selecting a Veteran as your Real Estate Agent

Choosing the realtor that is right for you is never an easy decision. At RE/MAX, we have many realtors that pride themselves in various experiences that will fit the needs of our customers.

We often ask friends or family for suggestions, do a quick Facebook search, or even see running ads in the local newspaper. In Cheyenne, we are fortunate to have many military veterans that work as realtors. When looking for a realtor, consider working with a veteran agent.

Teamwork, service and leadership are highlighted characteristics of veterans, just to name a few. Military veterans were trained to learn tactical skills that are still applied when they became agents. They value their work with you and your team to successfully reach the end goal – either buying or selling your home. Strong leadership and teamwork help build an even stronger value between you and your agent with trust and ownership.

Veterans know the honor of serving others before themselves. The end goal does not have dollar signs for our veteran agents – the goal is to meet the needs of their clients from beginning to end, knowing that they are satisfied with the final results. Just as they learned to serve their country, our agents are dedicated to helping people in need and fulfilling their moral obligation.

Cheyenne has a large military community serving from FE Warren Airforce base. With the presence of the military community and veterans, many agents know how to mitigate the housing market to meet the needs of their clients best. Working as a Realtor also gives them a perfect chance to help their fellow veterans, wounded warriors, and active-duty soldiers find a home for themselves and their families.

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we pride ourselves on having real estate professionals focused on their clients’ needs and serving them uniquely. If you would like to learn more about our agents that will meet your needs or are curious about what RE/MAX has to offer, give us a call at (307) 635-0303.

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