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Thank You Vietnam Veterans

Vietnam War Memorial in DC

National Vietnam War Veterans Day on March 29 honors the men and women who served and sacrificed during the longest conflict in United States history.

It was on March 29, 1973, when combat and combat support units withdrew from South Vietnam. Generations later, Veterans of this time period are gaining the respect that was not so freely given upon their return. Involving five U.S. presidents, crossing nearly two decades and 500,000 U.S.military personnel, it left an indelible mark on the American psyche.

Returning Veterans did not always receive respectful welcomes upon their arrive on American soil. There were 58,000 killed, never to return. National Vietnam War Veterans Day recognize the military service of these men and women who answered the call to service their country when she needed them. They didn’t make the decisions to go to war.

On National Vietnam War Veterans Day, we recognize the service and duty rendered by all servicemen and women of this era. — HT: National Calendar

My father and several of his brothers and cousins served in the military during the Vietnam War. While in different branches, almost everyone (including my dad) served in the Southeast Asia theater of war.  The problems that came from volunteering to serve is still evident today with illnesses that came from those years.

A German philosopher called Georg Hegel wrote over 200 years ago, “We learn from history that we do not learn from history.”

Sadly, many who went through the Vietnam Era have long struggled with issues of pain, depression, PTSD, and other ailments, not to mention the alienation and rejection they faced from a hugely ungrateful nation.  Yet, they still did their job.

Today, those who appreciate history and the service of these brave men and women are working to change the tide of public opinion, but it is a constant battle.  Too often, younger generations have little to no appreciation or understanding as to why we can enjoy the freedoms we have.

As a realtor and the son of an honorably discharged veteran, it saddens me to see the benefits promised to our veterans being quickly eroded away.  There are still benefits available though and one of those is housing.

If you are a veteran, you are entitled to purchase a home with NO MONEY DOWN through a VA loan.  Even, if you have used your benefit before, it is NOT a one time only use.  The statistics show that less than 12% of veterans use their benefits.  

Call me today to find out more information, especially if you are renting.  Don’t rent when you can purchase a home and probably pay less for your own house.

Vietnam Veterans — Thank you to each for your service and for answering the call of duty.

Grateful for Vietnam Vets,

Mark Escalera, MRP – Cheyenne Realtor




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  • Michael Garcia
    Written on

    I’m exactly the the kind of vet you’re describing. My lanlord is selling the house I’m in and my family and I will be homeless by Dec. 15 2021. I need help.

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