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Thank You to Our Veterans!


Thank you to our Veteran RE/MAX Capitol Properties agents pictured; Colin Hess, Tammy Facemire, Ed Bales, Luis Mendoza, Amy Leavitt, Micky Fisher, Chris Allen, John Facemire, Amber Johnson, and Mike Thorpe.

You put your life on the line for the rest of us! We appreciate you. You are special people, humble and strong. It is a joy to work with you in the office and we’re thankful to call you friends.

Yesterday I read an article in our newspaper titled “Remember why we celebrate Veterans Day” by Robert Wilkie. He quoted Sgt Alvin York in the article with his response to people questioning entering World War II,

Liberty and freedom and democracy are so very precious that you do not fight to win them once and then stop, liberty and freedom and democracy are prizes awarded only to those peoples who fight to win them and then keep fighting eternally to hold them.

Yesterday I also read a book my Freshman son asked me to read. He just finished the book in English class titled Night by Elie Wiesel. What a powerful reminder of what’s important in life and to stand up for others when the horrific happens.

My grandfather served in World War II in the Aleutian Islands. He was one of the Greatest Generation. My heart has been heavy thinking of him and everyone who endured the unthinkable during WWII.

Today take time to pause from our present and reflect on the past. We can and should all learn a lesson and be grateful for being American. Let us not take our freedom and ability to help others for granted. Thank you to each Veteran and his or her family for allowing us to live the American Dream.

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