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Thank You to Military Spouses

Military Spouses Thank You


Always the Friday before Mother’s Day, National Military Spouse Appreciation Day is an important day when the citizens of the United States acknowledge the significant contributions, support and sacrifices of the spouses of the Armed Forces along with the tremendous strength and patriotism that they have.

National Military Spouse Appreciation Day is also sometimes known as Military Spouse Day.

Each year since 2015, by Presidential Proclamation, National Military Spouse Appreciation Day has been declared, then observed and celebrated across the country on the Friday preceding Mother’s Day. — HT: National Calendar

While there are many unmarried military members, there are also many who go through the struggles of PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves, long deployments overseas (some to hostile countries), and times when the family is not together for special days like birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Behind these married airmen, soldiers, sailors, and marines, are the spouses who resolutely strive to keep everything together.  Sadly, they are raising children single-handedly and crying into their pillows through lonely nights just hoping and praying their loved one will return safely. Spouses learn quickly that there are many support groups available and help on many levels if they wish to use what is offered.

One area that should not be very stressful is finding a new home, especially if you are trying to do everything with your military spouse overseas.  As Military Relocation Professionals, our goal is to help walk you through every aspect of purchasing or selling a home.

Finally, thank you to our military AND their spouses AND their families for being willing to sacrifice.


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2 Responses to “Thank You to Military Spouses”

  • My husband who is a soldier would be relocated to Havelock NC, and this means that we’ll have to look for a new home. You are correct when you mentioned that it’s a struggle to look for a home when we’re trying to do everything with our military spouse overseas. I do hope that we’ll be able to find the perfect relocation house for us.

    • Steve Prescott
      Written on

      Rachel, we apologize for not seeing your comment right away on our blog. We hope you will find the perfect relocation home too! North Carolina has a lot to offer! If you are ever transferred to Cheyenne WY, please give us a call and we’ll show you around! Take care and thank you for your service!

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