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Tell a Story Day


National Tell a Story Day is observed in the United States each year on April 27th.   People of all ages are encouraged to share all kinds of stories on National Tell a Story Day. Whether it’s read from a book, one from your imagination or an actual story from a childhood memory, April 27th is the day to gather friends and family and share those stories.

Libraries around the country participate in National Tell A Story Day with special story telling times for children.

Storytelling is an ancient practice used to hand down knowledge from one generation to the next.  It’s a wonderful way to pass on family traditions, histories, and long told tales and can be entertaining as well as educational. Some of the very best stories come from real life experience.

Many people enjoy listening to their grandparents share their stories about when they were growing up (back in the day).  Spending time telling stories with family, friends and loved ones is a time for all to learn from each other, to remember and to grow closer together. — (HT: This site)

Today is a great day to talk about your upcoming home purchase or home sale. Everything you do helps to tell the story about who you and your family are, where you have been, and maybe even where you are going.

I remember when my wife and I made two different military moves first from England to Key West, Florida, and then a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) move from Key West, Florida to San Antonio, Texas. There were times of fear or trepidation as we did not know what those locations would have in store for us. Today, we are able to tell our children stories from all three of those locations because we took the time to write down our memories.

No matter where you are coming from, what your background or culture may be, take the time to tell your stories to those who are interested. Remind your children that your stories also make up a very important of their lives and who they have become.

So, go tell them a story about the day you read this post and then called me to help you buy or sell a home. You will be glad you did and I will be honored to be a part of the story that makes up your life.

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