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Talk About Investing!

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Real estate is a way to invest your money and invest wisely.

Yes, you can rent. That is always an option when it comes to finding a home for you. However, when you own it you will build equity. In 2019 the appreciation in total was 6.7%. This is an increase from 5.5% in 2018 and 2017’s 5% appreciation. Particularly in Quarter 1 of 2019, there was a decrease of .07 in appreciation but then it raised in Quarter 2 with 3.75% and 2.87% in Quarter 3. Overall the annual appreciation is 4.1% which means you are likely to make money when you invest in your home or real estate in general.

In fact, oftentimes home ownership is what provides families with financial independence and we have a WHOLE feature on just that. So if you need more reasons to invest in homeownership READ NOW!

Are you ready to invest? Give us a call, (307) 635-0303, at RE/MAX Capitol Properties. We have experienced real estate professionals ready to assist you!


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