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Summer Reading Challenge Entirely Online

June 1st through August 31st you can participate in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge Entirely Online.

For every increment of 5 achieved during the summer reading challenge participants will earn tickets according to Laramie County Library System Deputy Director of Public Service, Jeff Collins. This is 5 books, 5 hours, 5 days, depending on your selection upon signing up. These tickets can be redeemed for an entry into a number of prizes from noise-canceling headphones to a Yeti Cooler. The winners will be drawn in early September after the conclusion of the Summer Reading Challenge. Additionally, for children participating in the program, they will receive prizes throughout the summer that we provided through sponsorship of the program. This will encourage the participants to reach important milestones while on summer break.

What are your next steps toward accepting the Summer Reading Challenge?

  1. Visit HERE with a trusted adult to register as a participant.
  2. Decide if you want to track the number of books read, the number of hours or the number of days
  3. Start logging your participation in the system

The Laramie County Library System wants all of our participants to get the most of the Summer Reading Challenge and elected to make the whole program virtual this year. They wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to continue developing their reading skills even during the summer months. In light of the world events related to COVID, they took the steps to achieve this, while still focusing on the health of the community. We are so impressed by this and are grateful to the Library for taking the time to think through how to achieve this for participants, while also keeping the spirit of reading alive. We are proud sponsors of this program because we know how valuable it is to our community members and children. Thank you truly for your commitment.

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