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Steps To Change Your Address

How To Change Your Address: If it were just a matter of renting a moving van and redirecting your mail, moving would be easy.

As it is, no matter how many times you move, there’s always something you forget to do until moving day. Here’s a list of tasks that may help make your next move easier.

  1. Update the post office. Make sure you still get your mail by notifying the U.S. Postal Service about your upcoming move at or by visiting your post office.
  2. Notify other government agencies. The IRS, Department of Veteran Affairs, Social Security Administration, Citizenship and Immigration Services, election offices, and motor vehicle agency are a few of the services that may need to know where you live.
  3. Switch your services. Your new house won’t have electricity unless you call the electric company and tell them when to switch it over to your new address. The same is true for your internet, cable, home phone, garbage pickup, and magazine subscriptions.
  4. Update your bank. You’ll want to update your bank and credit cards companies with your new address to make sure your billing address is correct and your account statements can still find you.
  5. Update your other bills. Once you update your billing address, you’ll need to update anyone who charges your debit or credit cards as well. This may include your student loan services, mortgage provider, doctors, insurance agencies, or daycares.

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