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Stay on Track for the School Year

There are major benefits to participating in the Summer Reading Program at the Laramie County Libray System.

Rebecca Hess is an Agent at RE/MAX Capitol Properties and shared some of the major benefits of participating in the Summer Reading Program. One of the primary reasons every child should participate is it encourages students to build on their reading skills to stay on track for the next school year. The Summer Reading Program is in existence because there are huge advantages for students all year round when they continue to read. They won’t fall at risk at being behind in the classroom and they can continue to build their reading skills. Plus, students can connect with their peers throughout the summer months if they choose to participate together.

Another great advantage of the Summer Reading Program is how children become more familiar with the library and its offerings. When children get more comfortable with the library and are good at navigating to find the books they enjoy, they are more likely to continue to use the valuable resources offered throughout their lifetime. If you want to help your children with getting acquainted with the library prior to the program, feel free to access a tour of the library and view the map of the facility. The more you are able to find books and services, the sooner you can enjoy all the amazing benefits.

In addition to these benefits, kids who participate in the program can win prizes and will have the opportunity to access other programming opportunities throughout the summer break. This reading program will be a great opportunity for families to connect and continue to spend more time with one another. Families can bring their books with them on camping trips, to the park, and on any road trip. Reading can be incorporated into an everyday schedule! A family who reads together can have endless fun together.


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