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Spurring Holiday Spirit – Merry Mondays

Circle Y Home and Ranch is new to Cheyenne, but a Homeee favorite.

Homeee, the elf, loves any store that offers decor or anything to make a house a home. Downtown is sprinkled with so many of these businesses, from Circle Y Home and Ranch opened on 15th street, to Wyoming Home – Western Decor, which is on Lincolnway, or Prairie House Home Goods. There are so many great stores to visit to get your loved ones, friends, and clients thoughtful gifts. Thank you to everyone for sharing your favorite holiday tree tradition with us this week. It is great to hear how you make your house a home during the holidays. And you have spurred some thoughtful ideas for our RE/MAX Capitol Properties community. We hope you have time for shopping at these locally owned and operated stores, so we can support our community in various ways.

RE/MAX Capitol Properties is proudly owned and operated by Steve and Stephanie Prescott. Not all real estate agencies have this local tie, which is important because it grows our community. We also understand that it is a choice when selecting our real estate agents for your real estate needs and that has inspired us year after year to continue our tradition of Merry Mondays. We want to give back to those who have supported us and say THANK YOU for your business.

Spurring Holiday Spirit:

A brick-and-mortar downtown cornerstone

A place to get in your western happy zone

From boots to hats, and flannels galore

This destination is also CFD adored

Starting with a W but not far from the last stop

It is a place you will love and truly shop til you drop

If you don’t know where Homeee is yet, then go to the splash pad

The red you will see makes everyone glad

Where is Homeee, the elf?

If you know, then you know what to do:

  • Follow Homeee, the elf, around Cheyenne by liking our Facebook and Instagram.
  • Look for posts sharing where Homeee is hanging out to be entered to win. 
  • Read our prompts and share a little about yourself. 
  • Then heart the post, and share. 
  • You will then be entered to win, $200.
  • Enter weekly and increase your chances of winning!

Remember, go to our social media and take a look to see some images and prompts. We will enter you into our drawing to win, and remember to participate.

Must be a Laramie County resident to win.

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