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Spring Is Here!

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Very recently I could see great piles of snow around our neighborhood as we were started to unbury from the March record-breaking snowstorm. I would never have believed schools would be closed for an entire week. It was refreshing to watch our neighbors band together for the common good of shoveling each other out and helping others get their cars unstuck. I felt so much relief when a plow came down our street on Tuesday after the storm. I heard story after story of people helping each other and checking on one another. All of these acts of kindness add up to why I am sold on our community!

We are getting close to celebrating Mother’s Day, graduates, and Memorial Day. We are seeing calves in the pastures around our area, children in the parks, trees budding, and flowers sprouting. The days are getting longer and brighter. It’s a time of fresh starts.

Many people will be doing spring cleaning, planting, and training. Tourists are coming to our community. CFD announced it will happen this year! It’s one of the busiest seasons for real estate, with families moving in time to settle before the new school year begins.

Some of the annual chores that we do at our house are cleaning the garage, replacing the batteries in our smoke detectors, cleaning up the flower beds, planting as many colorful flowers as we can fit into our gardens, and washing the windows. I know many people clean out closets.

It’s a time to start smelling the good smells of barbeques, cleaning summer toys like campers, boats, and bikes, planning hiking trips, and visiting with neighbors as everyone emerges from the winter. It’s my favorite time of year. I know the moisture received with the March storm will bring the May flowers that get me all excited for summer.

I encourage you to get outside to enjoy some of the unique offerings we have in our area;

  • The Greenway – surrounding our community is a nearly connected trail, perfect for bikes, skateboards, scooters, runners, and walkers. 
  • The Hidden Falls – a quick drive to Curt Gowdy and a scenic hike down through a small valley, you will see a gem. This is a perfect family outing, or date, offered near our community. 
  • The Sloans Lake – offers a place for fishing, paddle boating or boarding, walking around the trail, or playing throughout the park. It is right near the beautiful Botanic Gardens, where a variety of events, workshops, and activities are available.
  • The Depot Plaza – this outdoor area is in Downtown Cheyenne and is surrounded by shopping and restaurants. It is an excellent place for a picnic with the family and now has a splash pad that will be available for its first entire summer.

We have a community with a variety of outdoor gathering places that also embrace our active lifestyles. We hope this summer you can enjoy them all and start taking advantage of these valuable amenities we have so close to home; hopefully, our snowstorms are over for now!

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