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SOLD on your Needs

sold On Your Needs RE/MAX Cheyenne WY

Identifying what you want in a listing and how to find the right fit, starts with finding out your needs.

Determining your needs from your wants is difficult in many situations. We all make these tough decisions everyday. When it comes to purchasing a home the decisions can be harder than cookies vs. water. Every choice will have a consequence and you should take the time to think through the long term result. A bigger house equals a bigger payment, you can afford it, but will it leave you cash strapped? This is the type of question you should ask yourself before you get too far into your home buying process.

The hardest part when buying a home is determining your wants vs. your needs. This can be challenging to assess if you are navigating it on your own. We recommend interviewing 2-3 Cheyenne REALTORS before you start home shopping, so you can have someone on your side to guide you that you trust. He or she can help you talk and think through what’s important to you and show you the homes that fit your desires. Once you declare what these needs are you can really vet homes when looking to buy and feel comfortable with negotiating your purchase.

Make a list of questions with your real estate agent and then answer them with your household. Examples of questions:

  • How many bathrooms? Bedrooms?
  • What style of home do you need?
  • What neighborhood and/or area?
  • How many car garage?
  • Walkout basement?
  • In the city or rural property?

We welcome the opportunity to serve you. We are experienced, hard working, trustworthy and committed to our customers. Please call today to schedule an appointment at 307-635-0303 or online at, so we can get you moving into your dream home soon.


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