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SOLD on our Nature

When you first drive into Wyoming, you will see a large sign that says, “Forever West.”

A first-time visitor may wonder what that must mean at first, but after driving a few miles, you will see it means we embrace our landscape, we love nature, and we want to stay true to our western roots. Nature is a core value of our residents. We love being able to drive a few miles out of the city and see a one-of-a-kind oasis. We are home to beautiful lakes filled with fresh run-off from the blanketed mountains. We have trails for hikers and bikers that meet the needs of every terrain desired. We have waterfalls, we have rolling hills where you can see for miles, and we have animals that are unique to our State.

Nature is what makes Wyoming home. That is why the City of Cheyenne has created one of the most significant greenways within the community, and it is almost entirely connected. We also have a ton of parks and outdoor activities, from fishing to baseball fields. There are tons of external art found downtown on the corners as you walk around building to building, and even more art installations in the array of parks. We love the outdoors and want to make the experience enjoyable, and that is why there is such a significant investment in improving these places for residents and visitors.

We are so fortunate to have a community that believes in beautifying these public spaces. It has made the last year especially wonderful because we could get outside and enjoy the Wyoming landscape and remain safe from the pandemic. Social distancing never needed to be a request for Wyomingites because we do it every single day. It is more of a lifestyle, and that is why we are “SOLD on our Nature.” It helped us make this last year feel “normal” and allowed us to continue building memories with our loved ones, and provided the active lifestyles we desire to stay healthy. We are so grateful to be “Forever West.”

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