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SOLD on our Military

Did you know that the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County were founded the same year as the military base in our community?

This is an incredible reminder of how important our Military is to our community and our heritage. The last year has been like nothing we have seen before with COVID-19. It was not an easy year because of these uncharted territories. However, our Military rose to the occasion and did it in a way that shows us just how prepared they are to work during difficult times. They know how to navigate the most dangerous environments and proved this during the last year. Our Military was there every step of the way. They served as standup citizens for the civilians in our community and set an example. On top of this, the Military at FE Warren Air Force Base has been working toward a large modernization of the Missile Weapon System. They have had to keep this expensive project online despite all of the various obstacles coming their way. While the project will be delayed due to the 2020 events, it is still in the pipeline, which is a proud accomplishment of the Air Force.

We couldn’t have gotten through the last year without our incredible Military and their sacrifices. The Military Population is what has made us a community from the start, and this remains true today; in addition, they have kept our community and Nation safe through their service every single day. We are so grateful, and this is why we are “SOLD on our military.” In real estate, you help us to have a livelihood too. We could not do what we do without you.

As we pause to honor Memorial Day, Monday, May 31 we’d like to especially thank our RE/MAX Capitol Properties veterans; Amy Leavitt, Colin Hess, Tammy Facemire, Luis Mendoza, John Facemire, Ed Bales and Amber Johnson.

Thank you for your service!

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