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Believe in the imPAWSible

We have a great partnership with our local Laramie County Library System. One of the most valuable programs they offer is the Summer Reading Celebration. The theme this year is “Believe the imPAWsible.” 

Because the last year has been challenging for our youth, the Summer Reading Celebration can help them relax into summer. Now, they can escape with a good book, not just enjoy a book when it is part of an assignment. Children who participate will also reap the benefits of keeping on top of their knowledge so they can start the next school year in tip-top shape. Carrie Hartman, Director, shares more about this Library program in the below video.

Do you want ideas on what books to read? Jillian Balow, Wyoming Superintendent gives some great ideas that are in line with the 2021 theme. She also shares how you can sign up. You can register for the Summer Reading Celebration online or by coming into the library. 

It is never too late to sign up. The Summer Reading Celebration started May 21st, but you can join in the fun at any time. Susan, the Bookmobile Lady, talks about tracking your reading to qualify for fabulous prizes. This year readers only have to track the minutes they have read. To complete the celebration, you must read 1200 minutes during the summer. It sounds like a lot, but once you break it down, you will be surprised at how quickly you can accomplish it. In addition, the online platform will help readers keep track of their time. So don’t worry about that part! We are prepared to assist. 

The reasons you should do the Summer Reading Program are vast. One major reason is you can prevent boredom. You can go deep into an adventure or follow along with a fantasy. Remember, you need to “Believe in the imPAWsible.” Once you complete the program, you can go to any library, including the bookmobile, to claim your prize. Plus, anyone who participates will be entered into a variety of drawings! 

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