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SOLD on our First Responders

If 2020 didn’t teach us anything else but to appreciate our first responders more, then we will take it.

Throughout the year, we have seen first responders take on added pressures as they have never experienced before, on top of their existing duties. They take their commitment to public service seriously, and we are grateful we have them to make sure our community is safe. First responders for the City of Cheyenne cover 29.64 square miles and serve a total of 64,250 residents a year. We are so thankful for your bravery from the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), paramedics, firefighters, and police officers. And we are sincerely grateful to your families! We know it cannot be easy that you are putting yourself in harm’s way to protect others, and your families at home understand the level of responsibility your career requires, but they lend the support.

Fundamentally, Cheyenne and Laramie County did not experience the severity of the pandemic as other communities. But we know many first responders from our community volunteered in hotspots. They went above and beyond to help others. Our neighboring communities are vital to us, and our people will step up to support them when needed. Our first responders are noble, and that is why we are “sold on our first responders.”

We extend our love, compassion, and gratitude to all of the first responders and their families. Our community would not be an amazingly safe and family-friendly place without your capabilities and passion for serving. Your contributions are immense to us, both professionally and personally. You help make our home a great place to live, and because of this, you also make our home more marketable in our real estate field. We appreciate you, and thank you! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do for a career without you.

A special thank you goes to these fine deputy sheriffs who participated in our billboard photos; Officers Konegni, Jacquot, Harrison and Gilmore! It was a treat to meet your awesome K-9 too!

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