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SOLD on our Educators

This last year was a rollercoaster of a year for educators. They had to pivot the educational system because of the pandemic completely and meet academic standards established with an in-classroom learning environment.

Their ability to transition mid-semester and then prepare with only a few months for an entire school year was impressive. Their love for the children and their craft shined through. They carried out their duties, and took a vested interest in their students as they transitioned too.

As real estate professionals, we never dreamed that households would have so many purposes. Not only the place you come together as a family and find comfort but the same place, the youth of your homes go to school, and the adults go to work! Seeing how families altered their floorplans and layouts to accommodate the varied needs was incredible. On top of it, seeing how the educators made the experience interactive and engaging was beyond imaginable. Teachers were parking their lawn chairs at the end of driveways, reading to their students throughout the town. Educators were creating vehicle parades for school celebrations to keep the “school spirit” alive. No matter the variables thrown into the equations, educators didn’t let this stop them from doing their jobs and being there for their students.

While the last year wasn’t ideal, it showed us just how resilient we all are. It also showed us how creative and innovative we are and how we can adapt to meet the needs of others, especially if it means we can fulfill our passions and responsibilities. Our educators showed us that first hand. They completely flipped the script of education and transformed it to meet the needs of the times. They did it with impeccable grace, and that is why we are “SOLD on our educators.” Thank you to all of the educators in our community. We appreciate your hard work, your efforts, and your creativity. A special thank you to these educators for participating in our billboard photos; Staci Morrison, Brian Wrhel, Karen Clark, Kimberly Amen, Dan Reed and Kerri Yarder!

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