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SOLD on our Community

Cheyenne, Wyoming is a unique community. As a Capital City of Wyoming, we are not large like most around the Nation. We are quaint.

Currently, our City has a population of 65,035 residents. Since the 1970’s we have a growth rate of 36.5%. Much of this growth is due to rural community in-migration from other smaller Wyoming communities. Typically this is called urbanization. Typically this is because the jobs are available in our community and not in these smaller towns. This is how a variety of large cities have grown into what they are today. Denver used to be a small agricultural community and grew at an extensive rate for decades. Then more of the city residents started to move to neighbor communities for affordability, and the growth rate has hovered around 31% since the 1970s with a significant outmigration in 1990. We share this because we have heard from residents they are concerned we are growing too quickly, but we are growing steadily. In addition, we can only grow as we produce places for folks to live.

Currently, we have an extreme housing shortage which has been on the horizon for a while. However, we haven’t been able to attract the building capability to meet the demand throughout the years. Therefore, we developed a RE/MAX Capitol Properties program, especially for Builders who specialize in new construction. We can help them acquire the necessary land and help navigate development to help meet this growing demand. Until we can provide prospective residents a place to live, we will see increasing home prices because the market is competitive. The demand wouldn’t be there if we didn’t have the careers and have a safe community that is much desired. We have a wonderful, beautiful community that still has a small-town feel.

We are the most unique Capital City, and that is why we are “SOLD on our Community.”

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