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SOLD on our Agents

Our real estate agency is comprised of a variety of real estate professionals.

We have agents who have been with us throughout the decades; we have some who are just now beginning their careers. We believe in having a variety to serve the real estate market needs to the best of our abilities. What is nice about this is we have the perfect blend of wisdom and fresh perspectives to approach marketing properties and finding the right fit of homes for our clients. Our team is like a family. We work to help one another find the best option for their clients. Our sellers are always happy to have various agents backing up their needs to supply several offers for selling at an optimal price. The buyers who work with us are glad to have multiple folks keeping their eyes peeled for the best possible valued home for their needs. We have an incredible family of realtors.

You may not know that we too had to adapt significantly last year to serve our clients during a pandemic. We had to think through how to keep our prospective buyers and sellers safe. One tactic we used was more frequent virtual tours. Many real estate investors and people relocating are buying properties without physically walking through the property now, our agents have become very comfortable with the process of “showing” the home in a new way. We purchased face masks and other PPE tools and resources through RE/MAX International. We leaned more heavily into our well-established digital marketing methods to keep our metrics up compared to competitors.

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we often sell homes within twenty-four hours of having them on the market. Our days on market average for last year was 18, compared to the entire MLS of 23 days! We can find buyers the right fit for a home, even during a seller’s market caused by the housing shortage. And we can see that the seller’s home is in front of the right buyers and, finally we provide all parties the best value for each transaction. Easier said than done? Yes! This is exceptionally challenging to do when in this type of real estate market, but we are making it happen because we support each other. Also, our Managing Broker is a top real estate producer for our agency. Therefore, he is currently selling and active in the market, which helps keep our name, brand, and knowledge above par. Add all this to the power of the RE/MAX brand and top real estate agents and we like to call it win-win! It’s why we are confident once you get to know our agents you’ll like and trust them right away!

We are grateful to our agents, to our managing broker, and our international brand! We are “SOLD on our agents.”

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