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SOLD on Fathers and Fixes!

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Have you ever walked into a store and noticed instantly when it isn’t orderly?

Merchandise is all disheveled, and your level of confidence in believing where to find items starts to diminish. This is NOT the reaction you want from someone when they come to your home when it is for sale. Think of your home as a store. It is important to merchandise your home accordingly. While it may have great decor and it may be straightened up, it is necessary to also remember that minor fixes can speak volumes. An example of this would be making sure that doors can be opened and closed easily, that cupboards are not squeaking. Light fixtures are cleaned and shining brightly when turned on. All of these elements can make a difference in how quickly your house is SOLD.

Today is Father’s Day and it reminds me of the infamous “Honey Do List.” Without my husband, my house would be in less than stellar working order. Just last weekend I looked at him and asked, “what are you doing?” He was greasing the track of our sliding glass door. These are things I wouldn’t think to do, let alone I wouldn’t have the right tools and grease. He always has the windows clean, he replaces the little closing hinges on our kitchen cabinets whenever one breaks, he is the king of light bulbs and keeper of the yard. Dads just seem to have the right tricks for repairs and maintenance!

Below are 4 items to always fix before putting your home on the market:

  1. Front Face of The Home: First impressions matter, so take time to add some color to your entrance and fix any items in the line of sight as visitors enter your home.
  2. Faucets Matter: Visitors will turn on water and make sure that everything is running properly. Therefore, cleaning your drains, removing limescale and fixing any kind of leaks is important upon listing.
  3. Lighting Lights Up: Make sure that your lights light up and that the proper light switches operate the logical item within the home. Sometimes this can be an easy fix but can come off as confusing to someone entering a home for the first time. If a light switch doesn’t turn something on, it can scare a buyer, so make sure it is evident that the switch corresponds to something tangible.
  4. Squeak to Ease: Make sure that doors, drawers and cabinets can all be easily opened and are not making sounds. These are easy fixes but can be overlooked. From making sure hinges are installed properly to WD40-ing joints, walk through the house to assess these features. Sometimes we don’t notice them over time. Grab a newbie and have them walk through the home to identify items which need repaired.

On this Father’s Day I wish every father a happy day and especially to my husband, Steve Prescott, who makes our house a home with his attention to details! Thank you to these amazing RE/MAX agents for being great dads and models, pictured left to right; Brandon Swain, Kevin True, Luis Mendoza, Dominic Valdez, Larry Gardner, Jason West, Steve Prescott, and John Facemire!


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