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SOLD on Family Values

What you know about us is that we love our families at RE/MAX Capitol Properties.

Sometimes when you are preparing to move it can be so much work but we want to make it fun and engaging for your whole family. To stay with our family values we have some activities listed below to make the moving process a BLAST with your loved ones.

Pack Rat – Give every family member a room to pack. Set a timer for an hour and see who packed the most number of boxes within the allotted time. If you have younger kids you can have them pair up with an adult.

Box Fort – While assembling boxes for packing, considering stacking them up and making a fun fort for your kiddos to adventure in. This is fun when unpacking too. As you empty the boxes you can add to the fort and in this instance it doesn’t matter if the boxes stay intact.

Trash Dash – When it comes time to pack, you start to understand what items are essential versus those you could trash. Make a pile of your items that are for the trash and go out to your trash bins with the box of contents. Setup sound ground rules, but you are going to play a little game of knock-out with trash, instead of basketballs, and throwing it into the trash bins. What makes this so fun is you have try to put items together that will be easily thrown. Be creative and the last person standing wins.

Even though moving can be stressful, if you turn it into a game it can be something everyone enjoys. In addition to that, everyone will be able to look back on the experience and enjoy the memories made. That is priceless.


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