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SOLD on Customer Service: Title Company’s Role

SOLD on a Title Company RE/MAX Cheyenne WY

Title Companies are the keepers of property titles.

When you are buying a car you receive the pink slip…well they have access to these original documents of ownership. The Title is what shows your ownership rights. Deed on the other hand is the legal document which transfers and shows the exchanges of ownership between one person to another, it is signed and delivered. The Title Company is vital to the process in making sure that the title is reviewed, they handle any issues related to insurance policies, they are typically the last stakeholders in the real estate process with facilitating closings. Following the actual closing, they file the paperwork for record keeping.

They also:

  • Collect buyer’s earnest money
  • Act as a third party in the process to help protect both sides of the real estate transaction
  • Pull publicly recorded documents on the property to assess the viability of the purchase; plot maps, deeds, covenants, easements, and much more for each property
  • Summarize documents in the Title Commitments
  • Handle the fiscal exchange of the transaction and ensure alignment
  • Presents all forms for signatures at the closing
  • Record the new Deed to articulate the exchange
  • Supply the Title Insurance Policy

In Cheyenne we are fortunate to work with several great Title Insurance Companies! A big thank you goes out to our models at First American Title! We are here to guide you through your real estate transaction and to help you realize your real estate goals! If you are ready to make a move, then please connect with us today at 307-635-0303 or online.

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