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SOLD on Customer Service: Role of a Lender

Sold on Lenders RE/MAX Cheyenne WY

Most of the time your first time interacting with a Lender would be when purchasing a home.

Mortgage Lenders are the most prominent type of Lender because they fuel so much of our economy by giving buyers access to capital. The role of a mortgage lender is to supply buyers with money to purchase their property. They can be banks, credit unions, private individuals and even private mortgage lending businesses. Some of these lenders are partners with the U.S. Department & Housing, as well as the Urban Development. These agencies help supply buyers with the funds via programs. Many of these programs are to help buyers gain access to funding even if they may not typically qualify on their own.

PRE-QUALIFICATION: We recommend getting pre-qualified for purchasing a home and having these conversations in advance. This way you can know exactly what you can afford and are shopping for a property within your means.

Connect with us today so you can settle into your new home soon! We have many trusted Mortgage Lenders who we work with on a daily basis.


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