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SOLD on Customer Service: Moving Company’s Role

SOLD on moving remax cheyenne

Packing, stacking, boxing, lifting, carrying, these are a few of the tasks that go along with moving!

The process can be complicated and then when you pile on the effort of getting it completed on time it can be even more challenging. Typically when a home is being sold the sellers must be out of the home by the day of closing. This can be heavy responsibility for the sellers and the longer the time in the home the longer the time needed to sort through everything. Moving companies can help with this. They are able to supply clients with proper boxes for valuables to ensure safe transport. Moving company professionals are able to withstand heavier loads and have extensive experience in handling furniture. Sometimes this can be the most complex piece with having to move the furniture and load it in a manner that it stays in good condition during transport.

Commercial to residential, from domestic to international, moving from one property to another can be taxing and utilizing a professional moving company is a valuable resource to make the process smoother.

Best practices when working with a mover:

  • Get estimates from a variety of moving companies and provide them a deadline for moving.
  • Organize your packing by room to make loading into the truck and unloading to the new property easier.
  • Make sure to label fragile items and make them visible. Colored duck tape works great!
  • Don’t pack it if you don’t use it. Donate it or give it away or dispose of it! No need to waste mover services on items you won’t keep.

If you are ready for a move, connect with us today at 307-635-0303 or online at to schedule a time to discuss and plan your real estate dreams!

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