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Siri… Alexa… How Do I Choose A Voice Activated Assistant?

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Smart home technology is becoming more accessible and more helpful than ever before.

With the right technology in place, you can control anything from your slow cooker to your home security system via smartphone. To get started, you need to choose a voice activated home assistant.

Each home assistant has its own pros and cons, so figure out what’s most important to you. For example, Apple’s Siri is designed with privacy in mind. The data on your Siri devices will always be encrypted. That’s great, but it means that fewer smart home devices will be compatible with Siri.

Amazon’s Alexa is easy to set up and compatible with most smart home devices, but there are some issues with voice activation and may pose more of a privacy risk compared to other voice activated assistants.

Google’s assistant is probably the cheapest name brand option in the voice-activated assistant market, but it has fewer compatible accessories than other big brand options. There are also dozens of smaller brands available that are even more affordable than Google’s assistant.

Tell us which device you use and why. We asked around our real estate office and it seems Alexa wins for the number of agents using this technology at home.

Creating a smart home is great, but finding the perfect home is priceless. If you or someone you know is thinking about making a move, we’re here to help!


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