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Service Speaks Volumes


Just like a picture says a thousand words. An act of service speaks volumes!

There is a story that I was once told where a gentleman in a military uniform stopped a woman who was tending to her children in a Grocery store. He expressed his gratitude to her for being so kind to her kids and shared that from his perspective her children sincerely admired her. He further thanked her for her service.

Later they connected again and the mother further learned that he enlisted in the military because he wanted to have a sense of family. Through the process he gained an understanding that the Nation was his family and that he was there to protect and to serve his family, his Nation. It wasn’t surprising that he would be the one to initiate his sense of gratitude to the mother for her service as a mother, because as she was raising her family, that made it all worth it to him.

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” — James Allen

As RE/MAX Capitol Properties we want to simply say thank you. Thank you to the incredible parents and guardians who are raising the future of our Nation and thank you to our service men and women who continue to protect us each day. Your service speaks volumes to us, thank you all for what you do to make our Nation and our community wonderful!

Cheyenne has become home to many military families upon retirement. With our low tax structure, friendly and welcoming culture and military resources at FE Warren Air Force Base and the VA Medical Center it makes sense to many to call Cheyenne home once their service to our country is fulfilled.


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