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Selling your home without an agent

With the worldwide web, we all have access to real-time information that once did not exist. 

Most buying experiences start with an online search and are more likely to begin online when the purchase is of higher expense. Homes are statistically the most expensive purchase one makes in their lifetime, and it is a purchase that needs to be taken seriously. That said, this is one of the advantages of selling your home using a real estate professional. When it is a “For Sale By Owner,” the prospective buyers think they can negotiate more on the sale price and believe there is a higher probability they can get a deal. This stems from a variety of factors.

One primary reason is the number of potential buyers for these properties is significantly less than when the listing is represented by a professional. The idea that fewer buyers are interested puts more purchasing power on the buyer end of the transaction. That is another factor, real estate professionals have access to an inventory of homes and various prospective buyers. They can look at a listing and help marry the different desired outcomes to get a favorable transaction in place for all parties, from being able to list prospective buyers home in a timely fashion to the purchase for their seller, to name one example. 

Selling your home without an agent has its limitations. The primary reason homeowners will elect to do this is they already have a promising buyer in place and do not need assistance in finding the best deal. This may also be necessary if a higher percentage of the sale price needs to remain because there is a commission expense for the real estate agent to be paid. However, the commission due is often paid for through their services of negotiating the best sale price and deal for the home seller. 

If you are considering selling your home, we recommend interviewing a variety of real estate professionals first. This can help you to determine the pros and cons of the best decision for your real estate journey. Connect with one of our RE/MAX Capitol Properties agents today by calling 307-635-0303 or connecting online.

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