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Selling Made Easy

Selling Made Easy.

When you think about selling a home, it can sound overwhelming.

Selling your home made easy is done through a few simple steps, and it is ultimately all about preparation and your network of support. When you decide to sell, the first thing we want you to do is to think through your answers for the following:

Why are you selling?

  • If you need to sell your home to access funds, that is a motive that will drive further actions with your real estate professional and any financial institutions you are working with.

When do you plan to sell?

  • Knowing the timeframe of your home’s sale can help develop a timeline and inform the feasibility of activities if you want to perform any improvements to the house before listing.

How do you plan to sell?

  • There are several options and approaches when selling a property. If you are interested in selling your home but want to limit the number of people inside, you can request showings are done by appointment instead of via open houses. If you don’t have a preference, that is fine too, but it is good to think about it because it can form how the real estate professional lists your home for sale.

When you get the answers to these questions, selling is made easy because they help your real estate professional understand your expectations regarding the final sale and the process. Every real estate transaction is different; therefore, assessing how you want your experience to play out before jumping into it will help fuel the conversations in the early stages. Once you are ready to list, we recommend performing the following steps for your planning using the information gathered from the Q&A above.

  1. Determine a timeline
  2. Make a list of home improvements and whether or not you will do them on your own or have to hire them out.
  3. Prioritize the list by consulting your real estate professional or appraiser on what are the best investments
  4. Reconcile your list of improvements to your timeline

Then you will want to begin the home improvements before listing your home for sale. So the timeline will help to organize those activities. Once finished, get with your real estate professional to list your property for sale. For more tips from an experienced Cheyenne Realtor, listen to what he has to say for a top dollar offer when you list your home for sale! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel after you listen!

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