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Sellers taking it to the next level

Wyoming is a different state. We have an outdoor lifestyle where many love their toys so garage sizes play a significant role in a buyer’s selection of a home. 

There are amazing properties in Laramie County that offer an excellent garage size, detached shops, and extended spaces that enable a lifestyle that most in the area enjoy. That said, if you are a seller who has one of these fantastic in-demand amenities on your property, then consider cleaning the space up or even cleaning it out. Space seen and decluttered can make buyers visualize the area with their tools, toys, and equipment, and can motivate buyers to move quickly and pay a premium price. 

Sellers can also take staging their homes to the next level by creating an ambiance beyond cleaning and decluttering. During the Spring and Summer, putting fresh flowers in a vase can bring the outdoor freshness into your home. If you are selling a home during the fall or winter, take the time to light a fireplace to show buyers it is operational and make space beautiful and cozy. If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, consider lighting a candle. It is recommended to light a non-scented candle because some folks are sensitive to smells, but a lit candle alone can create that same warm and comfy atmosphere.

Updating your window treatments can save you the hassle of painting your home to be brighter because you can make it, elongate the wall with floor to ceiling curtains, and open up the window to bring in more natural light. This combination makes rooms look large, spacious, and airy. All of which buyers love! 

These are above and beyond tips that can set your listing apart from others on the market, and we have more suggestions we can provide. Give us a call at RE/MAX Capitol Properties 307-635-0303, and let’s get to work selling your home.

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