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Sell Faster With RE/MAX!


Listing your home? How will our local RE/MAX stats help you?

The average number of days a home for sale in Laramie County was on the active market in 2018 was 40. Our average number of days on the market for our listings was 28 days for residential homes in 2018.

What’s this mean to you?

  1. LOVE IT TO GOTTA HAVE IT! It means you can hopefully get that home you are in love with before it goes under contract with someone else. With an almost two week difference from the rest of the brokerages, you can trust that we are actively working to sell you home fast and for the most money.
  2. BETTER RATES! It can mean a big difference in where you lock your interest rate on your next home. Some lenders need to know that your home is under contract before they approve an interest rate lock for you.
  3. LESS STRESS! One of the hardest things for sellers is keeping their house prepared for showings, especially if they have children or difficult pets. When selling a home you can almost become a guest to your own dwelling throughout the process. The sooner your home is under contract the sooner you can get back to living normally.

These are just a few things on how our average days on market can help you!

Why is our average lower than the rest of the market?

  1. BE PREPARED! Our agents help you understand what needs to be done to your home to get it ready to sell! You may need to reduce the clutter, remove some furniture, remove personal pictures, paint, spruce up the curb appeal or any number of items. The work you put into getting your home ready to show will pay off in financial terms and should attract buyers faster.
  2. SPREAD THE WORD! Our marketing is carefully crafted to ensure people are seeing your home. We have a top notch website and social media presence for consumers. Add our local marketing efforts to those of our global brand of RE/MAX LLC and it means more eyeballs on your home.
  3. BE READY! We are in a very strong real estate market, so if your home is ready to sell, priced in the market and clean you should expect an offer within the first month on the market.

Now is a perfect time to sell your home. Give us a call at 307-635-0303 or connect with us online to get started! Our realtors specialize in residential home sales, working with buyers and top customer service. We see big things coming to Cheyenne. When you think of real estate, think RE/MAX!



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