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Sell faster than Bonnie Blair can Skate

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Effectively sell your home and sell it faster than Bonnie Blair can skate.

Bonnie Blair is the only woman to win an Olympic speed skating event during three Games with various victories spanning from 1988 to 1994. She set 4 world records in the 500 meters and she was the first woman to break 39 seconds for the 500. With the combination of the work ethic of Blair and the support of a RE/MAX Capitol Properties Agent you can get to selling your property in no time at all.

  • Starting and stopping: You need to know when to go really hard and when you can sit back and rest. When selling your home, you need to do the same. As a client of a RE/MAX Capitol Properties Agent, they will give you all the tools you need to put your home on the market. Getting it clean, staged and ready to sell. Work hard on getting your home prepared for selling and then trust your agent in handling the necessary steps needed for your optimal marketing mix associated to the home; price, place, promotion and product.
  • The Basic Speed Skating Position: You need to know your position as a client to the market. Look at other homes for sale in the area and within your same-price range and determine how you can compete. Sometimes it is highlighting that your home is in a high demand location near a top rated school, or perhaps it is concentrating on the fact that your home has a large corner lot which is rare in your particular price range.
  • The Straightaway stroke: You need to go ahead and get the word out about your home being on the market as quickly and as wide-spread as possible. Use that momentum and capitalize on it. Make sure that if someone is interested in seeing your home that you can easily give them the access and they can see the property along-side your chosen selling agent.
  • The Corner Stroke: The corners can be tricky, at this time you have an offer and have to embark on inspections and other items prior to closing the deal. To get ahead of it all try to make sure you repair high priority items even prior to putting it on the marketing. At this time too make it feasible for the inspections to occur in a timely fashion and lastly, be friendly throughout the process. The better the experience, the better for all engaged.

Need help selling your home? Give one of our experienced and trustworthy agents a call at 307-635-0303 or visit our website to schedule an appointment!

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