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Save Up & Move Up

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Let’s be candid, in today’s society it is hard to keep track of every transaction because it is so easy to spend.

This causes us then to live pay check to pay check. Who really wants to do that? This is an issue, so much so that there are new emerging apps to help get folks back on track so they can save up to move up.

Check them out!

Digit – Digit is an app that makes it painless to save money.

You link it to your bank account and it will analyze your spending and determine the perfect amount to automatically set aside each day. It aims to divert an amount small enough that you won’t even notice it, but over time, the savings can add up drastically.

Acorns – This nifty app allows you to roll your spare change into an investment account that has the potential to grow much faster than a savings account.

You can link it to your debit card, and when you spend less than a whole dollar amount, it will round up and automatically reinvest the remainder into your account (for example, if you spend $4.75, it would invest 25 cents). You can also add money on a one-off basis.

RetailMeNot – This trusty shopping app offers promo codes and discounts to save you money at some of the most popular stores and eateries around the country.

It offers both in-store coupons and online promo codes. There’s an option to turn on location services, which allows you to view deals at shops, malls, and restaurants near you.

Poshmark – Never pay full price on clothes or shoes again with this app.

You’ll save big bucks by buying pre-owned (sometimes brand new) items from other users. On top of that, you can sell your own gently used clothes, shoes, and accessories like jewelry and sunglasses to make some extra bucks.

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we are big fans of Dave Ramsey for overall financial budgeting and debt payoff. Check out his website for other simple forms and solutions. When you are ready to buy a home, we’ll be ready to guide you through the process.


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