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Rock Around the Christmas Tree – Merry Mondays

Legacy Collective is an edgy brand that you can find in downtown Cheyenne.

Homeee, the elf, selected this location, Legacy Collective because it embraces so much of the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season. It is a brand that reinforces the importance of heritage, meaning, and honoring the past. The holidays are filled with traditions, and we loved that you all took the time to share some of them with us. Whether you decorate your tree in a certain way every year or spend the holidays in the exact location or with the same folks, the traditions you shared were vast. We hope that you can continue them. Also, we expect those who still need to identify traditions to assess them entirely because you may be surprised at which ones you are starting. On that note, let’s dive into this week’s Merry Mondays clue.

Rock Around the Christmas Tree:

A little bit of water can spark up any plant
Uplifted from the roots helps you grant
The best of wishes and magical moments
Sparkle naturally in their own brilliance
This location in Cheyenne is filled with nature
It’s a summery getaway even in the winter
Literal warmth will take over when inside
Because there are elements from places worldwide
Where is Homeee, the elf?

Know where Homeee is? Come visit and remember to do the below:

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  • Look for posts sharing where Homeee is hanging out to be entered to win. 
  • Read our prompts and share a little about yourself. 
  • Then heart the post, and share. 
  • You will then be entered to win, $200.
  • Enter weekly and increase your chances of winning!

Remember, go to our social media and take a look to see some images and prompts. We will enter you into our drawing to win, and remember to participate. We hope you are already enjoying the holiday season!

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