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Riedel Success

Riedel Success

The Riedel Real Estate Team is unique because they are a family that serves clients in a very positive way.

We were honored to award the Riedel Team with outstanding accolades from RE/MAX LLC for 2022 real estate hard work, commitment and integrity for their clients! They received fourth place for commissions earned in the State of Wyoming for 2022. Additionally, they were third place in the State of Wyoming for closed transactions. This is a clear testament to their abilities to hustle. What does this look like for the Riedel Team?

Hustle is using the strengths of team members to help your clients thrive. When working in a larger team like the Riedel Real Estate Team, someone is always available to assist and answer the most complex of questions. It is highly likely they have “been there and done that.” They also have a favorable mentality when approaching their work. When asked what motivates them, they said they desire to work with others and help them make a huge financial decision and make that goal or a dream come true. Overall this brings them great joy.

The Riedel Real Estate Team felt grateful for the recognition of their success helping their clients in 2022 and it drives them to stay on course in 2023 and beyond.

” I love my city and my state and want to be part of that growth we are seeing.”

Tania Reidel

In 2023, taking care of their clients and ensuring home buyers and sellers are well-informed about the market through continual training are their top goals. We are finding the treasures in our community to stay social and active with others. Knowing the community and participating in it helps us be experts in what our clients need from their community.

They are perfect examples of RE/MAX Hustlers. according to Tania, “For us, it’s the people and those working for what the brand represents. We would have to give a shout-out to our broker and brokerage owner for investing in our team’s success. There is an extensive program that RE/MAX has to offer to all of its agents. The gem, however, is finding what works for our team, the flexibility we find with support staff, and the ability to make Riedel Real Estate stand out in the market.”

Congratulations to each of you, Tania, Hailey, Lacey and Alex on a job well done! You are prime examples of why RE/MAX agents were again voted the #1 most trusted real estate agents by BrandSpark! If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Riedel Real Estate team please call 307-635-0303 or use the contact form below.

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