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Rewarding Excellent Real Estate Professionals

Where would RE/MAX Capitol Properties be if we didn’t have talented, experienced real estate professionals?

We know for a fact, we would not be a leading real estate agency in Laramie County, Wyoming. Our real estate experts are on the market’s frontlines interacting with clients, building their business, and extending our brand throughout the community. They are the lifeblood of our agency. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we pride ourselves on selecting the best real estate professionals and those who represent our same values. Having this foundation points our compass toward the same visions to best serve our current and future clients.

To award our real estate professionals for their exceptional work and best-in-class service. We measure client services through several indicators, and one means is our ability to steward clients through a whole transaction to close. In particular, we recognized closings that occurred due to the industry-leading digital marketing campaigns we provide our valuable agents.

The Los Conejos Food Truck came to our parking lot, so we could safely celebrate one another’s achievements. Our agents were able to reconcile their annual accomplishments with their BINGO cards, which notated a listing of essential performance accolades. Belinda Sawyer and Rebecca Hess attained blackouts on their Bingo cards. If an agent had a “Blackout” card, they would win the grand prize of $1,000. We applaud them for their dedication to their real estate craft and appreciate our real estate agents who participated.

“We host these gatherings, games, and activities to make sure our agents are recognized for all that they do for our community, agency, and clients. They are an opportunity for us to strengthen our RE/MAX family, and we are proud of every single agent. Thank you all!” shared Broker/Owner, Steve Prescott.

Everyone who closed a transaction was recognized with a certificate, 100 grand bar, and a pack of gum! Top winner Shae won a small Christmas tree and ornaments for her office. Second place Jason West and third place Tyler Walton won jerky and bags of nuts. All the prizes were for fun and inside stories! It was a beautiful day to celebrate everyone’s hard work and successes!

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