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Relocate for Work With This Stress-Busting Guide

Making a move can be a major task, often involving several months of planning, budgeting, and stressful decisions. When you need to relocate for work, it’s important to take steps to make each part of the process as easy as possible so you can keep stress at bay and navigate both the move and this new phase of your career smoothly. Today, RE/MAX Capitol Properties provides a comprehensive guide to help you easily buy, sell, lease, or rent a property. Let’s get started!

Start the Home Search

Finding the perfect place to live is a major priority, so you should begin this process at least a few months before your estimated move date, if possible. It’s a great idea to look at rentals, no matter what your home goals are; if you’re buying, you may need to stay in a place temporarily until the house is ready, and if you’re unsure of how long you’ll be staying in the city, a rental is the better choice. Keep in mind that many listing sites offer virtual tours, so you don’t have to visit in person to get a solid idea of what the rental looks like. Just narrow down your search on the site by your price range, the number of rooms you need, and the neighborhood you’re interested in.

12 Weeks Before the Move: Look for a Job

If your move is coming at a time when you know you need a career change but haven’t nailed down a job just yet, take this time to update your resume. However, if you work in a field like education, the arts, or social work, you might need a more detailed curriculum vitae. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a possible solution that uses time-tested templates to highlight your hard-won skills in the most persuasive way possible. Having a stellar resume or curriculum vitae will obviously make a big difference and boost your confidence, but you also need to prepare for your interview. You’ll want to look and act your best, of course, but you can also do yourself a big favor by going over sample questions in advance.

8 Weeks Before the Move: Get Your Business Organized

Already own a business? A couple of months before the move date, start getting things organized so you can easily set up shop in your new area. Whether you already have an LLC or need to register an existing one in a new state, it’s crucial to have all the necessary paperwork ready to go since every state has its own rules about filing, and there may be deadlines involved.

6 Weeks Before the Move: Hire Experienced Movers

Once you have these details taken care of, you can focus on the physical move itself. Hiring movers requires a little research; take a look at your options and obtain a quote after you’ve read customer reviews online. Make sure you understand the terms of the contract before signing, especially where cost is concerned, as most movers charge both a flat rate and on a per-mile basis.

4 Weeks Before the Move: Start Decluttering and Packing

Decluttering your home and home office is an essential task, and once you have the movers booked, you can gather packing supplies and start the process. Waiting until the last minute will only create stress and could lead to treasured belongings being left behind or mistakenly tossed. Preparing for a career-inspired move can be daunting, but by doing thorough research and finding the right home or rental, getting your business organized, and creating a stellar resume, you’ll have peace of mind throughout the process.

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Thank you to guest blogger, Katie Conroy, for sharing these relocation tips with our audience!

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