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REALLY Marketing Your Property

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Real Estate professionals are responsible for marketing your home. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we are the best BIG “M” marketers, not just little “m” marketing.

Little “m” –

This kind of marketing is often times what is top of mind for most professionals when they think of the marketing profession. Usually it means the professional is responsible for advertising and sales. Little “m” marketing is looking at the small picture of the overall spectrum. It is a function of Big “M” marketing.

Big “M” –

RE/MAX Capitol Properties focuses on delivering a great product to the market but understanding all functions of marketing. Taking everything into consideration from performing market research to land on a viable best price per the current market. Establishing a strong awareness of the place in which we serve the community. An example of this is strengthening our awareness of the neighborhood, what is near by, what is coming to the area and access to overall amenities. Creating a product narrative is a large part of what we do. We call out characteristics of the properties and paint a picture on what kind of buyer would most enjoy and benefit from the lifestyle the property provides. Lastly, we do what all real estate professionals do is promote. We promote (little “m”) our brand to keep a loyal base of returning clientele. We promote the properties in which we are selling. Most of all we promote our community, in which we live and represent. When we go to sell homes and properties in our community we look at this full picture.


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