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Real Estate Agents have their own style

We all approach real estate a bit differently.

Before listing your home with a realtor, it’s important to understand there is a definite difference in the way real estate professionals prefer to behave.

Some of our agents are focused on providing charitable donations with each transaction, others dedicate their time outside of work to volunteerism to make an impact in their communities, and both do this because they believe in improving their communities. Nevertheless, our agents are focused on providing positive outcomes with each transaction and they also want to be good stewards of our community throughout the process. RE/MAX Capitol Properties agents are real estate consultants. We choose to take a consultative and strategic approach to sell your home. In the coming weeks, you see us share our strategies and not only differentiate our agents from others but also create win-win working relationships with our incredibly talented professionals. Here are some real estate approaches you may encounter:

  1. THE PRE-SELLER – Some of our agents want to get offers before your listing reaches MLS and pulls in buyers from their personal network. The benefit is getting a faster sale, but the negative is not necessarily getting the best price. Some agencies will actually try to sell your property in-house before taking it to the full market and they get a higher commission internally if they do this successfully, but the unfortunate part is you may be sacrificing the best selling price.
  2. THE CONSULTANT – This is our preferred approach. We are a partner in your real estate transaction and journey. We are that added ingredient that gets your home from listed to sold because we inform you of what you need at what stages, and we keep you focused on what needs to be done. It is our hope to only bother you with the essentials and we can work on your behalf to handle the rest.
  3. THE PROMOTER – Some agents focus heavily on their own brand and try to build a personal network that allows them to have a good reputation in certain neighborhoods and areas. This can be helpful for those looking for very specific buyers because they have a personal awareness of their specific clientele. The limitations here are again limiting your overall reach.

Overall, your agent will be honest with you about their style and ask them to share some of their previous clients. This can help you get a pulse on their style. If you are ready to take the next steps in finding your right agent, give us a call – (307) 635-0303.

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