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Read for Better Outcomes

Pick up a book and start reading while having to be socially distanced.

What we love about reading is how so many people can read a book and interrupt it differently. The art of words is magical because it helps us to learn but more importantly, it equips us with the vocabulary to clearly articulate our stories, experiences, and thoughts. Not to mention that when you read, you can also speak about new topics and ideas that you wouldn’t have known otherwise. By reading at a young age we can set the stage for success. Reading is like how exercise is for the body. It strengthens our mind and helps improve our ability to think and the best part is reading invites us to do things we would have never imagined.

We encourage all of the families to pick up a book, read together! It is a way to enrich your life and a way to share it together. Additionally, reading is a way to step away from screen time and activate your imagination. Also, one of the best parts about reading is it opens the door to a world of possibilities, especially the opportunity to problem-solve. We were a donation point for children’s books for an FE Warren Air Force Base to establish a “Book Nook.” This was an initiative that was organized by John and Tammy Facemire, who are agents at RE/MAX Capitol Properties and who are also former military. Can you believe 600 books were dropped off at our office for donations to the Book Nook!? Just another reason we are sold on our community!

We want you all to read for better outcomes. Let’s stop thinking about how the pandemic has impacted us negatively and think about how when we come out of all of this how we want to be better than how we started. If we can make the commitment to ourselves to become better people, better selves, and better community members, we can look back at this time as the most life-enriching time of our lives. And one activity you can do to achieve this is through reading. Take about minutes a day to read and you will surprise yourself as to how much you can grow.

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