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An offer is just the beginning!

Hear from RE/MAX Capitol Properties Professional, Shae Risheill on what to expect once an offer is accepted.

It begins another series of activities that will confirm the buyers are viable for the seller. And it will assess the property confirming that the buyer is receiving the value agreed to.

  • Turn in your earnest money deposit.  Be sure to follow through with every request from your lender, and do not buy anything new that requires financing or eats into the savings you have for closing costs. This is very important because, without your funds for closing, you will not be able to close.
  • Get all lender requested documents to the bank. You will continue working with your mortgage lender to supply all the necessary financial documentation needed to obtain your home financing.
  • Shop around for the best homeowners insurance. Ask your lender and agent for support on this and get several quotes so you receive the best coverage and value.
  • Hire contractors to do inspections. This will help you determine what repairs will need to be done and whether or not you would like to negotiate them.

Finally, we will get your contract to the title company, where they will complete a title search and schedule your closing. Next, schedule your appraisal.

A day before closing, you will receive a Closing Disclosure Statement that must be reviewed carefully by all of us. This statement will include closing costs, earnest money paid, and any cash you will need to bring to closing. The day before closing or the day of, we will visit the property one last time then sign all the paperwork. We encourage everyone to read through their closing documents thoroughly. In addition, you will be offered title insurance and a variety of other products. Consult your real estate agent on the most applicable and needed for you and your family before proceeding.

After your closing, it is made official. You are now a homeowner! At RE/MAX Capitol Properties, our agents are exceptional and the best possible people to help support you through your real estate transaction. Like Shae, they are committed to keeping you informed and confident in the process as you go along. We love that about the RE/MAX brand, it attracts the best of the best globally and it helps them grow into even stronger professionals to best serve clients. It is incredible to witness and it is an honor to be a part of this brand.

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