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Practical Tips for Cold Weather Gardening

Winter Gardening REMAX Cheyenne WY

Gardening in Cheyenne takes patience and preparation, don’t lose your summer’s work this fall!

Gardening is a healthy hobby that can benefit you in many ways. The activities it demands, such as bending and stooping, encourage physical well-being. Additionally, daily contact with nature has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health, such as decreasing anxiety. While there’s no doubt that exercising your green thumb is good for you, it can be tough to find opportunities to do so when the temperatures drop. Fall and winter may be too chilly for you to enjoy time outdoors, and many plants tend to go dormant during these seasons. If you get creative, however, you can garden all year long. Find out how below.

Turn Your Garage Into an Indoor Gardening Oasis

Outfit your garage with pots and planters to create an indoor garden you can access all year long. In addition to containers to hold the plants, you will also need bags of dirt and seeds or bulbs that are suited to cooler temperatures such as crocus, snowdrops, and primroses. Invest in mulch as well. When you spread a layer across the top of the soil, it helps hold in moisture, combating the dehydrating effects of dry winter air. Use organic compost and it will even generate heat as it breaks down, helping to keep plants from freezing.

Depending on the average temperature of your garage, you may have to take additional steps to keep the space’s climate from dropping below freezing. Fiberglass roll and cellulose are two popular insulation materials for garages. Another option is to install a space heater or solar lamp, which will make up for the lack of sunlight in the garage. Green House Hub offers a comprehensive roundup of grow lights, from hanging styles to strip models.

If you don’t have a garage, you can have a small garden shed installed on your property instead. This will provide similar protection from the elements when it’s cold. Two popular building materials for such structures are wood and steel; each has pros and cons, and it’s up to you which one you prefer. Some people like the rustic appearance of wood and the added security it offers. On the other hand, a wooden shed can be more costly to install and maintain, as the painted finish will peel with time. Steel is more cost-efficient; if the panels are too thin, however, they will corrode. Steel sheds are usually also easier to break into.

Prepare Your Outdoor Garden for Winter

Just because the bulk of your gardening activities move indoors when it gets cooler outside doesn’t mean you should neglect your exterior garden completely. Steps you take before the first big freeze will help ensure your garden is in good shape come spring. Late fall fertilization helps repair damage from the summer, such as increased foot traffic on the lawn, and nurtures stronger roots that can withstand the cold and survive until spring. Aerating the lawn beforehand helps the roots more easily access the nutrients contained in the fertilizer.

For flower beds, remove plant debris to decrease the risk of diseases and pests come spring. They might otherwise thrive on these remains to survive the winter. After the first killing frost, remove annual flowers to make room for future growth. You can prepare the soil in flower beds for colder weather by adding organic compost; as mentioned above, it produces heat. Keep watering plants into the fall before the ground freezes. Even if they aren’t in bloom, they aren’t dormant yet and need the moisture.

Reap the Rewards of Gardening All Year Long

Don’t pack away your gardening gloves because winter is on the horizon. Follow these guidelines and you can enjoy the activity regardless of the weather. Keep up with your activities regularly and you may even find that you will extend your lifespan. That is certainly an excellent motivation to take these steps to enjoy your hobby all year long.

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