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Planning A Backyard Wedding?

Are you thinking about hosting a wedding at your home?

If so, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough parking, bathrooms, space for all your guests. Some other considerations you’ll want to make are below.

While a backyard wedding seems like an economical way to celebrate, the costs can actually add up quickly. Before you start sending out invitations, take a hard look at your budget to make sure you have enough to cover necessities like food, drinks, music, and bathroom rentals.

Let your guests know where they should park before the big day: which streets are okay to park on and which sides of the street should they avoid? Are there businesses nearby that will let you use their parking lot after hours? Do you have enough land to dedicate a field to parking?

Depending on how many guests attend your wedding, the bathrooms in your home may not be enough. Consider renting a few port-o-johns or a luxury portable bathroom to supplement your bathroom supply. The last thing you want on that special day is a line outside the bathroom.

Wedding Insurance
You’re already investing in a wedding at your home. Be prepared for minor tragedies like twisted ankles, trampled landscaping, or broken windows with a wedding insurance package. These one-day, special event insurance options cover property damage and any injuries that occur during your event.

If you hired a caterer, they’ll need to use your kitchen for food prep and warming. You’ll also want to think about where you’re going to have people eat. Will you have rows of tables with seating arrangements or will you have small tables scattered about the yard for a more casual dining experience? You’ll also want to think about beverages. Be sure they’re somewhere easy to access and consider the pros and cons of offering a bar. If you do serve alcohol, what’s your plan to make sure any minors at your celebration are kept clear?

If you have a large enough yard, you can create separate spaces for the wedding ceremony, reception, and dancing. If you’re working with a smaller space, set up for the ceremony, then arrange for a group of friends to convert the ceremony space into a reception area while you host a cocktail hour inside.

You’ll likely need electricity for something, be it music, lights, or heaters/fans. Come up with a plan to run electricity to your yard so that you can easily get your electronics set up before the wedding. Just be wary of creating a tripping or fire hazard.

Give your neighbors plenty of warning before your friends and family descend on your lawn. If you let them know beforehand that the loud music coming from your yard will be over by a certain time, they’ll likely be more tolerant. If they know you may have guests parked in the street, they can also make arrangements for their own parking needs.

If you’ve always dreamed of hosting a backyard wedding or the next family holiday, but don’t currently have the space, let us know! I can help you find your next home and make sure it’s got everything you need for the perfect event!


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