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Organization Hacks


Sometimes half the battle is finding the items you need to get something done. We get it.

That is why an organized home is an efficient home. Here we want to share with you some organization hacks that can help you get organized and optimize the use of your home’s space.

Trash Can – We typically just think about using a trash can as that, a place to store trash. It can serve many other great purpose. One purpose is to hold your tall tools in your garage. Put all your shovels in it racks, etc. Let them hang out of the top like a bouquet of flowers. If you get a trash can that has wheels, it makes it easy to transport the materials around together. You can even add hooks to the exterior of the can to hang more tools off of it, or even wrap around your bungee cords and straps around it to optimize space.

Wine Racks – They can be used for more items than just wine. Put one by your door into your home to store muddy shoes, or in a craft area use it to store yarn and spools. It can be a great way to compartmentalize materials for gift wrapping too.

Cardboard Tubes – These are the mecca of organization tools and they come with everyday items you already purchase. To prevent wrinkles in napkins and table cloths when storing between uses, roll them around either a toilet paper cardboard tube or even a wrapping paper cardboard tube. Then wrap the whole roll with cling wrap to store. It will prevent those wrinkles. They can also be great for storing cords and wrapping items around them for easy storage.

Dryer Sheets – Keeping items fresh, especially when put in storage can be hard. Use a dryer sheet to help prevent musty smells. For example, when storing a book put a dryer sheet inside before stowing. You can also use used dryer sheets in between the cushions of your seating to keep freshness in areas that don’t receive the best ventilation.

Just a couple quick ideas for storage that we hope can help you with your home! Good luck!


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