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Oh star of wonder, star of night – Merry Monday

Guadalajara is another great family-owned and operated business in Cheyenne that we love!

Did you know in Latin America they celebrate the three kings? Therefore, Christmas Eve marks the beginning of a larger Christmas celebration that goes through January 6th. This is why Homeee the elf, picked this great business to celebrate this week to remind everyone that many celebrations are not over! Homeee the elf, loves this idea of supporting locally owned businesses throughout the year too and if you received a gift card this holiday season, think about how you can spend it with your local favorite. Maybe spend it on a date night, birthday, or just an afternoon getaway from the office; a gift card can inspire that reprieve and giveback to your community. 

We are proud of these local spots! They make our community what they are. We also loved that you all took the time to share what you’re most looking forward to in 2023. We heard about your goals, dreams, children, parents, spouses, what makes you proud, reaching certain milestones and much more. It was a joy to see into your life during this Merry Mondays season, and we hope you reflected too as Homeee traveled around the community. There are a lot of other community entities that make us proud. From the youth programs that help make our home a great place to raise our families to the non-profits who continuously give back and provide essential services and support. We have a community rich with opportunity.

Merry Mondays is a wonderful time for us to celebrate the great businesses of our community but most of all, the great people that make Cheyenne, our home! We are so fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people. To be honest, it is what makes us love our profession. We are given the opportunity to help people make big life decisions relevant to real estate and it is a true honor when we are selected.

We want to say thank you for your participation this year. We loved seeing your thoughts and input on social media, and we especially loved getting to connect with all of the businesses and winners in-person. We are SOLD on our community! Thank you for trusting in us!

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