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Not All Flips Are Flops

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We have all been sucked into those TV shows where you see how they are having to watch their bottom-line, yet modernize a home so it is competitive on the market.

When watching these shows, you also see that the flippers put their love and personal touches to each home. This makes them truly unique.

One particular home flipping company is Homeceptional Properties, or also known as Lynn Buys Houses, here in Cheyenne. What makes them unique is they bring life back into homes.

“I know we do more behind the drywall to house systems than most other flippers so I think it is important to be able to communicate that difference to agents and their customers who just assume a flip is a flip.  I feel strongly that our houses not only offer more value than most other flipped houses, but more than most houses in general.” Shared Corey Lynn, owner.

A perfect example of this is their investment in updating the electrical, plumbing, HVAC and windows of homes prior to listing them. Not only do they update it but they make sure they invest in systems which will be most efficient, safe and quality for future home owners. Homeceptional Properties understands that their investment in these properties is creating a home for a family. Therefore, they won’t skimp on improvements but will be mindful of all the details which will make those practical and important differences once purchased.

Together with Lynn Buys Houses we have helped them to sell more than 100 homes over the past few years. It’s been a lifetime worth of stories as they uncover each home’s secrets and mysteries. Would you like more information? Do you have a home that needs help from Lynn Buys Houses? Give RE/MAX agent Kathy Martini a call at 307-365-2488 to schedule and appointment for Corey to see your home and to learn about upcoming properties by Lynn Buys Houses!

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