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No Dirty Dishes



May 18 marks a fun holiday, National No Dirty Dishes Day.  This is a day that gives us all a break from the regular daily routine.  There are two options for this day.  You can eat all meals out. If that is possible, would also be a bonus treat. Or, you can use disposable paper plates, cups and silverware.  To stay earth friendly, choose ones that are biodegradable. (HT – Here)

How does this relate to real estate? Well, I am glad you asked.

Today can be a good reminder to do several things. First, take a break from your regular daily routine. This may involve going for a walk, or as it is also National Bike to Work day, then you could ride your bike today. Second, when it comes to dirty dishes, nobody likes dirty dishes. Some people, like my children when it comes time for chores, do not like to wash dirty dishes either. So, throughout the month, our family does take the time to stay earth friendly and use biodegradable products.

Today could also be the day you have been waiting to get rid of some of the clutter you may have accumulated. Clutter can kill a potential house sale and is one of the first things that realtors with RE/MAX encourage you to part ways with as we want you to have the best possible viewings on your home.

Therefore, I would encourage you to change your routine, use biodegradable products today, clear up some clutter that distracts in your life, and then, call me for a free, no obligation cost analysis on your home. We would love to help you move into your next new home.

Not Washing Dishes Today,

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