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New Construction is the Optimal Solution

Clients who want to purchase a home in the last year or two often go with new construction.

This is due to the increase in demand for prominent price points in our community. The lack of supply has made it difficult to find the right home for all of our buyers, so new construction is a great solution. It is one we recommend because there are so many beautiful opportunities to take advantage of new construction. 

When trying to buy new construction, the first thing is finding your real estate professional if you have not done so yet. We highly recommend a RE/MAX Capitol Properties Agent. Not only because we are your friends and colleagues in the community and highly engaged in the place we all call home, but because we have the expertise and experience to help you through your new construction journey.  

Net, it is essential to be aware of the new construction timeline. With our fast-paced market, this is even more crucial.

New Construction Timeline

  • Work with your real estate professional to interview builders
  • Choose your builder
  • Negotiate the under contract for the lot and new build
  • Start to finish is typically 5-6 months

Please keep in mind that the homebuilding process may vary. (Especially if you’re building an elaborate custom home.)

Next, it is vital to understand the new construction purchasing process.

1. Determine Purchasing Power

2. Consider Available Areas

3. Interview Builders

4. Obtain Pricing

5. Look at Financials

6. Estimated Timeline

7. Under Contract

8. Review Site Plan

9. List Your Home

10. Walk Through

11. Finalize Lending

12. Close and Warranty

Don’t worry; you don’t need to memorize them. You need to find the right agent to represent you and help you through the process. We simply wanted to provide you this new construction outline to feel prepared and so you don’t run into any surprises. This is especially helpful to the buyers who were not intending to buy new construction but are now having to as a result from the housing shortage. The idea can take some warming up to, but we promise that you won’t have any regrets! 

When you are ready to make a move to a new home, give us a call at 307-635-0303 or sign up online to connect with a Cheyenne realtor, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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